I’m an enthusiastic entrepreneur {you can find out more about my entrepreneurial endeavours over at my boutique PR agency Bowda PR }, Naval Reservist, & PR professional. I’m a Canadian who cares way too much, I love innovative ideas & I’m social media/start up savvy.  I believe in helping {people, brands, causes} & hope to leave the world a bit of a better place than how I found it. My passions vary, my level of enthusiasm does not.

You can most likely find me reading a good {business, branding or romance} book, drinking a {huge} cup of tea or a glass of red wine, at a networking event, engaged in my local start up/entrepreneurial community or hanging out with my dog. If you don’t find me in any of those places, you’ll find me tweeting about it.

To see my life through rose coloured {filtered} glasses, you can follow me on Instagram.

To chat with me, feel free to contact me at darcy {at} bowdapr.com

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