3 Ways Full House Was Actually Ahead Of It’s Time

When Full House hit Netflix in April of this year, social media networks went aflutter with reminiscence and nostalgia. The feel good show that brought you cool Uncle Jesse, dorky Danny Tanner and the 3 little ladies was back in a big way. As per typical Netflix fashion, what started out as casually watching one episode for purely nostalgic purposes, turned into binge watching an entire season in a weekend, for me at least. I’ve made my way to season 5 and you can cue all the feels. Somewhere between the feels, I couldn’t help but note some parallels with today’s millennial world:

  1. Jesse & Joey did the working from home thing before it was cool

After being offered full time jobs with an ad agency, Jesse and Joey convinced their boss to let them work from home and later created JJ Creative Services as a solution for work life balance (or perhaps lack there of) so that they could be home to help raise the kids. Although this is becoming more and more the norm in 2015, in 1989 it sure wasn’t. They identified, and provided a solution to, a major issue for working parents who wanted to stay home to raise their children but still had to bring home the bacon long before society even acknowledged it, and the internet facilitated it.

  1. Sharing Economy Redefined

The Tanners as trendsetters? You might say no way José, but they were endorsing the recently coined “sharing economy” concept long before the days of Uber and AirBnb. At one point, the entire cast was living under one roof (with regular visits from Kimmy Gibler of course), which probably is a more accurate depiction of the residential market in San Fran circa 2015, not 1989. Doing so allowed and encouraged them all to follow their dreams and pursue their respective talents (comedy, music etc.). They had the financial freedom to continue to pursue their passions and still have someone around to play Mr. Mom. Can you say the new American dream?

  1. Mary Kate & Ashley

Enough said. Regardless of your opinion on their fashion choices, it’s impossible to ignore these two mini moguls and the empire they have built. Every 80s girl loved them, every 90s girl wanted to be best friends with them, and now every millennial girl wants to dress like them. Today these gals are worth approximately $300 million and have multiple fashion lines that appease to any budget. Any show that recognized their talent so early on and gave them their start can be considered a success in and of itself.

With John Stamos confirming that a spin off show entitled “Fuller House” will be airing in 2016, a whole new generation will get to live the Tanner experience, and who knows, maybe they’ll find the next Mary-Kate and Ashley? Or better yet, the next Uncle Jesse. Will I be watching? You got it, dude!

Have you binge watched Full House on Netflix yet? Will you be tuning in to Fuller House?


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